The “ I am Makuach” is a fundraising drive to generate money for orphaned girls intake for 2019.


Makuach  Ajak was a Charitable icon who once lived in the 20th Century among the Dinka Bor of South Sudan, the inhabitants of the current Jonglie state. He was well liked and  revered for his long and glorious history of generosity throughout the region. Makuach gave lavishingly and unreservedly which earned him both praise and rebuke. There is now a common saying among the Dinka, that if a person wants to be stingy, he or she would say “ ka cie ace kake Makuach Ajak” meaning my things are not Makuach’s.

There are undoubtedly both stingy and generous people in our planet earth and both are known for their opposing acts. The stark different between the two however is the impact their attitudes have on those in need.

While we may not know who you may be, we believe you are Makuach (generous), are making a donation  to iHOPE to support the orphans education scholarship awards and your contribution is making an impact, whether you donate a little or a lot. Anything helps.

As you are reading this brief introduction to Makuach benevolence and compassion, you might have chuckled, might be shaking your head or laughing out loud about the absurdity of creating riddles or saying about unqualified act of kindness, but it is true they do unquestionably. So will you be laughing, chuckled and donating or move on, the choice is absolutely yours. However the iHOPE Inc team members have chosen to restore HOPE and DIGNITY to the orphans and widows by donating everyday.

You can do so too and now  by following the link and donate your heart out. The reward is obvious. Joy!

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