Our Agenda:

Mission Statement

iHOPE strives for restoration of hope, dignity and self-reliance. Our goals inspire us, and prompt us to reach out to the disadvantaged South Sudanese, especially the civil wars’ orphans, widows and widowers and disabled in need.

At iHOPE, we believe one of the most effect means to relieve families of poverty is by offering education scholarship and vocational training. Through education, we can empower children to become the agents of transformation for their families and their nation. We can relieve poverty, elevate literacy level and improve employability among these vulnerable groups.


Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the financially-disadvantaged South Sudanese including civil wars’ orphans, widows and widowers, disabled and general poor. Our charitable ideas support this vision, by offering them access to education and vocational training.


To help the poor attaining self-reliance and reach their full potential.


iHOPE does not have resources and it will generate its resources from its members and donors including individual donors, Christians and volunteers.

With your unyielding support, iHOPE will be able to meet its goals and eventually achieve it vision. iHOPE is focusing in South Sudan and here in Australia promoting harmony and peaceful coexistence among South Sudanese and between them and the rest of Australian communities including the police.

Its resources are distributed to help and provide education and other desperately needed opportunities to the isolated South Sudanese including the orphans (children), widows and widowers in South Sudan.

The organisation’s managing body and members ensure that children are given opportunities regardless of their backgrounds and their social statuses.


Any South Sudanese will have equal access to iHOPE programs as its mission is to restore hope, unity, peace and harmony among all South Sudanese. However, its resources go to those who need it the most.

iHOPE respect all rights including spiritual need, cultural need and social need and will encourage all South Sudanese to participate in its charitable work for the benefits of its clients and members and for the general wellbeing of the community.

iHOPE acknowledges diversifications, thus people who are not South Sudanese will also have positive experiences.


iHOPE is not a political organisation and will only comment to a lesser extent on political activities in South Sudan or elsewhere. That is, the organisation will not have control over political decisions and its impacts in the country.

iHOPE discourages politics being practiced either by its officials or volunteers while carrying out its charitable activities.

iHOPE officials and volunteers are strictly advised to voice their political views or opinions only if they are not undertaking iHOPE work.


Lists of Groups or organisations Kush Royal Youth Club  will partner and draw coaches and guest speakers from

What the Kush Royal Youth Club is committed to achieve short terms are below while long term is to build schools in South Sudan


Problems or issues affecting young people in our community.


Solutions to those problems and issues affecting young people.


Build innovative and creative community of young people.


Educate them on respects, morals and responsivities.

Identity crisis

Help young people through elderly story telling on culture and history to help them appreciate where they belong in the world to Boost coherent sense of self.


Create a community of problem solvers/ Leaders with self and culture identity.


Provide avenue for learnings and asking for clarity.


Creating Network and friendships.