Our Donors

Our donors form the backbone of our charitable work. iHOPE seeks not to measure your generosity in terms of how much or what you can donate to our cause, but we continually accept donations of any amount or any kind. By giving through service or donation to iHOPE, you are restoring HOPE and DIGNITY to the orphans, widows and the general poor.

A donor can be an individual or an organization. You can also be our donor in any way you deem possible. It can be as simple as telling other people about iHOPE’s website, liking our Facebook page, endorsing us or as big as giving away your precious time or money. You can volunteer and conduct fundraising on our behalf. Our donors can also be our members, so that he or she can have a direct say in how we can manage the iHOPE.

Thank you very much for making us what we are today. We are alive because of you. Please join us in giving the orphans and widows a reason to smile once more. The following are some of the donors who make our dream a reality:

C3 Church Darwin