As outlined in section 2 of our constitution, the primary areas of our charitable work include but not limited to education, provision of public or social welfare, employment opportunity, Peace advocacy and the provision emergency relief aids.

In order to achieve our goals, iHOPE Inc. has several projects that target relevant groups to give them assistance. This assistance takes various forms, include:

  1. iHOPE Inc. advances education and relieve poverty by providing scholarships to financially-disadvantaged children including the civil wars orphans, children from single parents and from low income families to study at primary and secondary schools here in Australia and overseas in South  Sudan, Kenya and Uganda. Also in partnership with other organizations, we will extend scholarships to tertiary students who will be illegible under our scholarship terms and conditions. As iHOPE Inc. is a young organization with little resources of its own, we will run fundraising events to raise money to pay for scholarship and for schools to provide extra-curricular activities to students.
  2. Builds classrooms and purchases  and provide equipment
  3. Advocates for financially-disadvantaged families and children
  4. Provides Public or Social welfare assistance
  5. Researches, assesses and evaluates iHOPE Inc. impact so it may continue providing and delivering services and advocacy
  6. iHOPE Inc. aims to participate and collaborate with other relief agencies on ground in South Sudan in the provisions of emergency aids.