Kush Royal Youth Club  programs

Youth seminars/ Mentorship program

These seminars will be conveyed in-person. They are host after every two month or three month exchangeable from Brisbane - Toowoomba to enhance youth parent relationships and provide an avenue for learning and moral education.

Annual conference program

Conferences are set once a year where other youth groups or leaders from different states or territories are invited for a debate. This is a good forum to engage and expand youth network and enhance relationships while provide a space on sharing of innovative ideas of interest to young people.

Sports tournaments program

These sports tournaments include basketball, soccer, volleyball, football and others sport activities vary to different age group i.e., under 10 or under 18. This program are delivered and done twice a year.

Cultural festivals program

The cultural festivals include several cultural activities which are set to induce competitions. Such as cooking competition, Dinka words pronunciation competition, drama and art competition etc.
Lists of Groups or organisations Kush Royal Youth Club  will partner and draw coaches and guest speakers from

What the Kush Royal Youth Club is committed to achieve short terms are below while long term is to build schools in South Sudan


Problems or issues affecting young people in our community.


Solutions to those problems and issues affecting young people.


Build innovative and creative community of young people.


Educate them on respects, morals and responsivities.

Identity crisis

Help young people through elderly story telling on culture and history to help them appreciate where they belong in the world to Boost coherent sense of self.


Create a community of problem solvers/ Leaders with self and culture identity.


Provide avenue for learnings and asking for clarity.


Creating Network and friendships.